28 Crafty Herb and Spice Storage Hacks

Herb and Spice Storage Hacks

Kitchen storage tips are never enough, as free space is never enough.

Today we are bringing you some spice storage hacks so you can get them out of your way and have plenty of space to store other items and use your kitchen freely. Spices do play an important part in cooking, so it’s always nice to have them around while preparing your favorite dishes, and the ideas we have gathered may very well be what you need.

The herb and spice storage hacks, along with other spice storage suggestions our blog is posting today come in different shapes and ways, as there are many ideas you can put into practice when it comes to organizing your spices and still keep them at an arms-length so you can use them whenever you need them.

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and other kitchen organization ideas and spice storage solutions for small spaces!

It’s about time you rethink how to organize your small kitchen, or gain extra free space in your medium to big kitchen. As mentioned before, there’s never enough room in a kitchen so that these spice storage hacks may come in handy for your kitchen’s proper organization.

There are plenty of different methods you can put into practice, but some of the favorite ideas are using up your vertical space with pegboards or magnetic ones, making the most out of your under cabinet space, and the best ways to display your spices right on the counter in creative and eye-pleasing ways.

In this post’s gallery, which our team filled with a collection of solutions you might want to use, you will find the previously mentioned ideas and beyond. There are plenty of hacks you can buy and adapt, and others you can do yourself for a lower expense. It’s your choice to figure out what would work the best for you and your kitchen, but we are bringing you enough options for you to get inspired.

The time has come to take a look at what we’ve found. Do save your favorites, or pin them to your kitchen board and get planning the new way you’re going to store your spices and herbs!


There’s never enough room in a kitchen so that these spice storage hacks may come in handy for your kitchen’s proper organization.


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