Best Home Bar Cabinetry

Home Bar Cabinetry

A home bar, or wet bar as it is commonly known, can extend the functionality of your kitchen, living room, etc., whatever it is the area you pick to install it. Its features will depend on the space you choose to be adequate for it, what area of the house has the needed space for it, and where you would like to entertain your guests. After all, the best use for a home bar is, without a doubt, playing bartender for your friends and family, so its level of use must weigh in your decisions.

That said, we gathered some cool ideas and top products to help you create your home bar with stylish details and useful features. From the layout to the appliances, you need to pick the bar according to your vision of the final project, the one you wish to obtain, and match the rest of the room decor – shall your home bar be placed into a previously used for other means room. The best home bar designs must suit the whole package: your place, taste, and the people who will hang out with you and make good use of them. Excited to know the possibilities? Let’s jump into the project together then.


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Home Bar Cabinetry

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Different Home Bar Options

First things first: space! Size matters, and by all means, we do not want you to end up with a built-in wet bar when you lack space for it. A built-in bar is ideal and can become a fascinating focal point in the area you choose.

Let’s imagine a home bar in the kitchen area, where no disturbance is made in the cooking area, as your guests will be entertained in a separate and dedicated space. It is possible to work from cabinetry space to a dedicated sink, open shelves, cabinetry with drawers, glass doors, lighting, counters. Focusing on the ideal, which is space and storage, and connecting it with how often will it be used and if it is used for a few or more people, measurements and how many bottles and utensils you will need to store are something you will need to take and think of.

If having it built-in is somewhat of a problem, money-wise and time-consuming-wise, the right option is definitely a way around all that trouble. Nowadays, you have tons of options and exciting design styles, which you can adequate to your space, especially if you already have a decor scheme selected. Wooden carts, cabinetry with wheels, beverage stands you can place on top of your counter, wine racks; you name it.

Versatility is what you get. Even if you later decide you need to move the home bar somewhere else, you can. Not only do these ideas work perfectly as mini bars for small spaces, but you can also change your mind and create a basement wet bar. Your wine bar design can still complement your home decor; you can go from rustic home bars to the most classy and traditional styles as well.

Harmonizing with Home Bar Accessories

Even if you choose to go for the second option displayed above, the “movable” wet bar can still add essential finishing touches.

  1. Shelves are always a plus, but so is cabinetry with glass doors to showcase your wine collection and keep it from dust. If that is not a problem for you, we suggest a very traditional wine rack.
  2. Another way you can add up to it, especially if you are into cool beverages, is with a cooler; both the cooler and the traditional wine rack will grant you the best of both worlds. You can save space in your fridge and have a dedicated space for those cool beers.
  3. Wine glasses and all kinds of drinkware, as well as bar stools and seating options, among other things you may find necessary, are useful items you can think of to complement the equation.

Depending on the style you are going for, there are plenty of different ideas. Pay attention to the existing details and themes and see which ones will be a match below. We hope this assortment of cool and outstanding ideas gets your creative juices flowing to plan, design, build, and create the bar you and your home and you deserve.

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