100+ Garden Storage Boxes

Garden Storage Boxes

Whenever you hear the term “garden storage box”, there could be a few images that pop into your mind. If you want to choose the best one for your outdoor space, make sure you know what all of your options are, and how to determine which one is best for your external space!

At their simplest, outdoor storage boxes are protective compartments that will give space inside of them for toys, gardening tools, and other outdoor accessories. Garden storage boxes can come in all shapes and sizes and can come with added modern features, including the ability to lock them or even to sit on them as delightful garden benches! Their main purpose, though, is to give you storage outside that looks nice and actually protects the belongings that you put in them!


Garden Storage Deck Boxes


What are outdoor storage boxes mostly used for?

Outdoor sheds are used for storing those possessions and tools that you use only outside and don’t feel like toting inside or down to your basement every single time you need to get one or put one away. Common uses include:

  • Soft furnishings for your patio furniture
  • Pool accessories and toys
  • Outdoor/Sandbox toys
  • Gardening tools or supplies

Realistically speaking, though, garden storage boxes can be used for whatever you want to have on-hand when you step out to enjoy the great outdoors!

Are outdoor storage boxes waterproof?

Since your boxes are going to be outside, it only makes sense that you want to know that it’s going to be able to stand up to the weather and elements, right? When it comes to those elements, you’ll want to figure out whether you’re getting something that is water/weatherproof or water/weather resistant. This is an important difference!

A garden storage box that is considered to be water/weather resistant is one that is designed to hold its own against most of the elements. Typically, they’re rust-resistant and dent-resistant and will have a proper build to stand up against winds, rain, or snow falls (depending on your climate) and even pests in some cases.

However, these garden storage boxes are not going to be impenetrable from the weather and elements! If you get wild, frequent winds, or a lot of heavy rain or snowfall, your box may suffer a leak or two! In these cases, you’ll want to make sure that you store your box under an awning or against another structure to give it proper protection from those extreme elements.

In the case of a box that is considered water/weatherproof, you’ll see a lot more focus on the materials as well as how they are used to make the box itself. It’ll have resistant features such as rust protection and even dent protection. You’ll also get a lot more strength against the elements (even if you left it out in the middle of your yard, unprotected because most of these are double-walled. This gives it another literal layer of protection from dents, pests, wind, and water. Many of the openings are reinforced with waterproof materials, too.

What are garden storage boxes made of?

Thanks to the modern world, you can find a series of garden storage box materials. While it’s nice to have options, it can be frustrating to sort through them all to decide what’s best, right? The main options are:

  • Resin
  • Polypropylene
  • Poly-resin
  • Plastic wicker
  • Wood

The first four options are where a lot of the force is going to come from. Resin, polypropylene, and poly-resin are all man-made materials that get a lot of their strength from chemical production and resistant coatings. This is what protects your garden box from pests, rain, wind, rust, dents, and more.

Of these options, poly-resin is considered to be the strongest (since it’s a blend of the two leading materials), and plastic wicker is the weakest.

The last option, wood, would be considered weaker than the first three simply because it’s a naturally-occurring material that isn’t entirely impervious to weather. You can find eucalyptus garden boxes, for instance, that focus on eco-friendly sourcing and sustainability. You can also enjoy classic stately appeal through something like a mahogany garden box that will give you a solid storage box that dresses up your space.

The material you choose depends mostly on your interest in price, durability, and eco-friendly options!

Garden storage boxes sizes

Another internet-graced feature of shopping for garden boxes is that you can choose from a series of different sizes. The standard range offering is 40-150 gallons (151.4-567.8 liters) and the size determines a lot of the price, as you can imagine.

Depending on how you want to use your storage box, you’ll want to think carefully about size as well as the shape or form (having a mini storage shed, for example, versus a bench with a cushion).

Making backyard-related lives easier, the right garden storage box can give you a whole lot of convenience. Just make sure you choose the right one for our needs!

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