Rustic and Farmhouse Accent Chairs: Design and Functionality

Mostly, what you equip your living room, dining room, bedroom, or study room with, in terms of furniture, will determine how comfortable and relaxed you will be during your free time. Many people go for well-designed farmhouse accent chairs with a modern look. On top of lounge recliners found in your sitting room, add one or a pair of accent chairs due to the unique nature that makes your sitting room have a new and better face.

Besides the Accent chairs function, they also play other roles such as complementing specific decor, adding some contrast to spice up a dull and monotonous space, drawing out a specific color, or providing some focal point.

Farmhouse Accent Chairs

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Farmhouse Accent Chairs

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Things to Consider When Choosing Farmhouse Rustic Accent Chairs

The Available Space

The available free space in your home will guide you on the size of your chair. Ensure you measure your placement area well; for example, if you are buying accent chairs for your dining table, you will need to know your table’s height to ensure your buy a well-fitting chair. If the accent chair isn’t meant to be always in use, ask yourself if you have available storage room for the chair. Consequently, if you are planning to install these chairs in your future house, ensure you buy the right size as per the available space in your future mansion.


Asking yourself how frequently the chairs will be in use will guide you in selecting the right accent chairs. If they are to be used more often, a comfortable recliner will serve the purpose well.

Taste and Preferences

Your tastes and preferences will guide you in selecting the type of design and color for your home.


Be keen on the fabric used in making the chair. If you desire to use the chair daily, then go for a long-lasting one. If you own pets, the material of your chair must be pet-friendly. Your house decor will also help in the selection process, as it’s essential to go for a fabric that will not conflict with your house patterns and colors.

Different Uses of Farmhouse Accent Chairs

Used in Dining Area: Most lovers of this type of chair use them almost everywhere in their house, including dining areas.

Used as a Lounge recliner: Farmhouse accent chairs, especially the recliner type, are mostly used in the living room or movie area. This is because you will find yourself spending much time in these areas, hence needing a comfortable chair.

Form Part of your house Decor: Farmhouse rustic accent chairs are stylish and modern, and their presence in your home forms part of your decor art.

Used in Study Area: equip your study room with an excellent comfortable sit to prevent yourself from any form of strain. Also, such a chair activates your desire to study.

Materials Used in Making Farmhouse Accent Chairs

Different types of materials can be used to make accent chairs. The following are the most common materials used in making accent chairs:

  • Wooden accent chairs
  • Metal accent chairs
  • Upholstered accent chairs
    • Leather
    • Fabric

All in all, a farmhouse or rustic accent chair can work as a focal design point, but once you choose the type of chair or chairs you need, you can also take into account its goal. Is it just a decor piece? Do you need a good supporting chair for your back? Or is it more of a resting chair? Thankfully, you can mix both; there are tons of possibilities, between looks and functionality, so you can find the accent chair you want so bad for the room of your choice.

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