26 Balcony Garden Design Inspiration

Balcony Garden

Ideas for you to create the best balcony garden environment

Balcony garden design is all about the smart use of space to create a nice environment for you to enjoy and your plants to live in, that’s why we are here today to bring you some of the best garden design ideas for your balcony. No matter the size of your balcony, there is enough garden design inspiration in this post’s gallery to have you thinking of what you can do with it and how you can plan your balcony garden design best.

A balcony garden design can be achieved in many shapes and forms, and even though you have limited space, that shouldn’t stop you from organizing things your way and get the kind of garden you would really enjoy to own. You may, for instance, go for a meditation garden design, for you to do your yoga every morning, or a spacious idea, such as vertical planters, so you can have more room to enjoy your balcony while having your garden anyway.

A balcony is a great way to have that green and peaceful escape from the concrete jungle. The garden layout design is quite important, though, as you need to decide how much space can the plants and herbs get, and which space do you need to lounge, or for your kids to play outside safely. Depending on the room you have available, and the plants you wish to have, you can opt for large planters or vertical solutions for herbs and small plants to have your garden and enjoy most of the balcony at the same time.

We have found suitable ideas for different kinds of balcony garden design ideas too, such as suggestions for those who want their whole balcony to be about the plants, either in a largely natural way or in a compartmental way.

Here are our top picks for you to enjoy!


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