30 Awesome Attic Ideas

Attic Ideas

Attic ideas for you to not waste space

There are awesome attic ideas out there that will make you think you have been wasting valuable space up until now. By using a raised roof attic renovation, your attic can go from a storage area to something more useful and creative.

Today we gathered some great examples of what can be done in an attic to maximize its use and make it into something completely different.

These awesome attic ideas include:

  • Master bedrooms
  • Hangout areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Loft areas
  • Dormer spaces
  • Kids rooms
  • Nurseries
  • Reading nooks
  • Playrooms
  • Closets and other inspiration we know you can use to turn your attic into an amazing acquisition to your place.

After all, we could all use some extra space at home, and by the end of this post’s gallery, you’ll know that using an attic just as a storage facility is a total waste of space.

These attic ideas will have you pinning your favorite images into your vision boards and starting to decide what can be done with the attic that would benefit you and everyone in your family.

You can turn your attic into a library or a game room, or perhaps the guest room you always wanted to host your family and friends.  You can use the vertical space for a massive bookcase and use natural light through skylights to light up the ambiance during the day and allow you to see the stars at night time.

With the help of the gallery our team has put together, you will be left with some great attic ideas to inspire you into creating the best attic solution for you and your home. You can even combine different usages for an attic, such as keeping the storage part of it, but still include that game room and a bathroom so you can spend pleasant moments with your loved ones.

We hope these attic ideas come right on time to have you forget about the parts of the low ceiling and make the most out of the liveable area through life-changing projects for your otherwise unused attic space.


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